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B (12) View from Rainbow Curve - The Trail Ridge Road
B (27) View from the Trail Ridge Road
C (43) The Garden of the Gods
C (62) The valley of the Mid Fork Platte River from the Puma Hills
D (4) Ruby throated Hummingbirds
D (17) Main Street -  Salida
D (21) The Sangre de Christo Mountains
D (63) The Valley of the Rio Grande
D (116) The Black Canyon of the Gunnison River
D (147) Ouray
D (144) Cassini's Finch
D (153) Red Mountain Pass
D (185) Durango - Silverton Railroad
D (212) Molas Lake campsite
E (12) Montezuma Valley from Park Point
E (54) Sunset from the Knife Edge Trail
E (13) Baird's Swallowtail
E (66) Rachel and Deirdre climbing the 30' ladder into Balcony House
E (93) Lone Cone and the San Miguel Mountains
E (114) The San Miguel River valley
E (157) Grand Valley and the Book Cliffs - Colorado Nat. Mon.
E (184) Thunderstorm over the North Fork of the Gunnison River
F (9) The Crystal River
F (21) Deirdre - Rachel - Independence Pass
F (50) Osprey

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