Up Wyoming (2017) Slideshow

G (6) Entering the Great Divide Basin
G (16) The Sweetwater River at Split Rock
G (17) The View from the Beaver Divide
G (38) Sinks Canyon at dawn
G (63) The Wind River valley
G (67) Picnic spot beside the Wind River
H (10) Grand Teton
H (40) Silver-bordered Fritillary
I (17) Abyss Pool - West Thumb Geyser Basin
I (38) Old Faithfull - Upper Geyser Basin
I (51) The Grand Prismatic Spring - Midway Geyser Basin
I (76) The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River
I (149) Bison on Hayden Flats
I (183) Route 120
J (2) Approaching the Wind River Canyon
J (10) The Wind River Canyon
J (20) Seconds before totality
J (25) Totality looking west
J (27) Solar corona
J (35) Freight train

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