Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of all VBR's shortcuts

With regard to the 'Insert' and 'Delete' actions described next, the behaviour of the Shift key differs as to what is being inserted or deleted. As far as notes are concerned, the Shift key helps determine the stalk of the note which is inserted or deleted. For more details of this, see the relevant sections concerning the selected symbols. In general, pressing the Shift key has the same effect as clicking on the action buttons with the right hand mouse button. When entering text, the following functions apply: Please note that as the left and right arrow keys are used to move the cursor in the score, they are not available for their usual function of moving the caret in the text.

The following standard shortcuts are provided.


There are a large number of shortcuts to the Quick Edit icons.

All of the following keys modify in some way the note nearest to the red arrows on the cursor. In general, the Alt key determines the kind of note (normal or alternative) while the Shift key determines the precise action taken The following group of keys selects some commonly used symbols