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VBRhapsody (or VBR) for short is a powerful music composition and editing tool.

Using VBR you can enter, edit and print musical scores usung standard musical notation. You can also play your scores on a MIDI instrument and additionally, you can use a MIDI instrument to help enter musical data.

VBR was originally written for the Acorn Archimedes in RiscBASIC. This version for the PC is written in VisualBasic.net (hence the name VBRhapsody)

To see just how powerful it is, browse through the Help documentation provided below:

Now you know what it can do, download it right away and get composing!

Download VBRhapsody now

VBRhapsody is Freeware; that is to say, the downloaded version is fully functional and you may use it for your own personal use without restriction and without payment. The author however, retains the copyright and you may not modify the program or use it for commercial purposes without the express permission of the author.

In order to keep a record of who is using the program, users are encouraged to register the program with the author (by sending an email) so that users can be informed of new versions and so that the author can respond to their suggestions. The unregistered version has all the features of the regoistered version but is restricted to printing the first two pages of a score.

To find lots more free music (and other) software I can strongly recommend the following websites:

But you won't find a better Notation Editor!
Last updated: January 2017